A good Dungeon Master or player never stops learning. “Few players of RPG’s are so skilled as to not benefit from advice.”


I take DMing quite seriously. I put a lot of hard work and effort into running a good game because the players deserve it. Any good group of players deserves that.


On this page is a collection of articles, advice & musings I’ve written based on my own experience. Please peruse the offerings and enjoy!


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“An enthusiastic DM has half his work done for the game.”

DM Advice & Resources

Adventure Development

How to scare up a full adventure in under an hour.

Awarding Experience

Basic theories behind awarding XP’s in the new D&D.

Achieving Verisimilitude

DM technique goes a long way to gaining good players.

How to DM Third Edition

Some keen observations and overall advice!

A DM’s Pet Peeves

How to not be a gawd-awful DM, parts 1, 2 and 3.

Be the best DM you can be

Sound age-old advice and common sense. A DM’s 12-step program.

Preparing for a game session

Doing the homework to run a smooth, organized game.

Players, keep busy!

Need something constructive to do at the game table? Find out here!

The Four G’s of PC creation

Basic motivations, some which should be behind EVERY PC.

Art in D&D

Why Larry Elmore is so cool.

Gygax on Gaming

14 points of wisdom to be great players and Dungeon Masters.


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