Welcome to the Third Era of Dungeons & Dragons! Being the best supported and most-played roleplaying game I feel privileged to have stuck with it through all its myriad changes and editions, but never more so than now with the new edition. Here I present a number of d20 forms and records, as well as some full-blown d20 items I’m proud to offer for all to enjoy. Almost everything below is an Adobe Acrobat file, others are noted accordingly. Enjoy!

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Dungeons & Dragons

D20 Forms / Record Sheets / Miscellany

Equipment Icons

466 little 6kb bitmaps of D&D adventure gear and equipment. Zipped file!

AEG’s Toolbox Web Enhancement

Extra tables the writers put together for the fun of it.

AEG’s Toolbox  Enhanced Index

The Index the way nature intended, no tricks, no errors, the complete listing of the entire book.

Initiative Tracking Sheet

Print out a few dozen and always have them on hand to track d20 combat. PDF file.

Bright Lights,

Big City 

So the party enters a city, and all the mega-role players have stuff to do while you sit around. No more! Randomize an answer when the DM puts you into a city and there’s nothing on your mind!

Item Location-Male


A sheet for players to show exactly what rings, cloaks, weapons, etc they are carrying on their person and where for saving throw checks or just encumbrance purposes. Designed around a generic muscular male figure.

Item Location-Female

The same sheet as above, but designed around a generic muscular female figure.

Time Track Table


The best ever detailed yet easy-to-use time track sheet from the old issue of Dragon Magazine that I rescanned, retooled and updated.

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