My wife Dawn contributed a number of successful Dragon Magazine articles. She is the creator of the “Miscellaneous Mishaps” series. However, during her research, she came up with other ideas that were turned down because they stated they ran ‘a similar article within the past few years.’ That’s fair. But the work was already done. Why not share the wealth? Dawn then asked the editors of Dragon if I could post these providing she didn’t try to publish them again later. And, here they are!


Already Published in Dragon Magazine:


Issue #259 The Great Outdoors

Issue #261 Objects ‘d Art

Issue #275 Roads & Rivers

Issue #284 Tavern Activities

Issue #292 Watery Graves




How to Write for Dragon and Dungeon Magazines

Advice on how to get your stuff published by the best.


Gaming and Food

Great recipes to feed your players!


PC Glue

Creative ways to answer why your party is adventuring together.


Interesting Random Encounters

Random doesn’t have to mean ‘boring’.


Miscellaneous Mishaps: Battle Cries!

Stuff to yell at your foes in combat!


Beauty and the Bother

How to add spice to the PC’s life who has a high Charisma score!


Miscellaneous Mishaps: The Infinite Staircase

Random encounters and sights on Planescape’s “Infinite Staircase” (Monte Cook).


Personalized spell effects idea generator

No two spells go off the same way…


Miniatures on a Budget I, II and III

Have a great looking table without being rich, and great advice on tips on terrain!


NPC Quirks

Can’t spice up that berk in a hurry? Use these ideas to enhance your NPC’s.


Quick names for your Character or NPC’s

How to stop naming your NPC’s Fred and Barney.

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