Wizard’s Web Enhancements: Many of WotC’s products have excellent, color web enhancements to their D&D products. Here’s the link to them all!


FRP Games: Want a FLGS (friendly local game store) that’s as friendly as can be, with excellent prices and a constant stock of what you want? If you local berk isn’t giving you da goods (as mine wasn’t), try these guys and you’ll see!


Monte Cook’s Home Page is filled with great advice, amusing personal looks at the industry, and excellent d20 products from his Malhavoc Press imprint.


Andy Collins’ Home Page: Andy is an RPG designer with Wizards of the Coast and this page contains WotC game news, lots of free goodies and some great D&D articles.


RPG Sheets: An invaluable resource for multiple styles of PC record sheets for all types of games, updated regularly.


Monster Builder: Now Making a 3.5 Monster is as easy as filling in a few questions!


Necromancer Games: A d20 company with “3rd edition rules, 1st edition feel”, and they do it all too well. Continued use of their stuff reveals top-notch work every time.


Green Ronin: Another d20 company website that’s actually worth visiting once a week, updates, freebies, news and cool chat rooms.


Skeleton Key Games: PDF Dungeon Tiles (some for free download) that really help speed game play!


Paizo Publishing: The new home and owners of Dungeon and Dragon magazines!


Xena Warrior Princess: This was my favorite show on television. Can’t recall knowing I’d be missing a show so much or that there’s still nothing else to hold a candle to it. Click below for a great article.

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