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My name is Jeff Ibach, Iím married (to one of my players, of course) have two beautiful daughters, live in Mount Holly New Jersey, and Iíve been playing Dungeons & Dragons since January 1st 1980. Music of choice is The Cars/Ric Ocasek. Favorite vehicle is Chevrolet Monte Carlo.


The Campaign Sourcebook and Catacomb guide quotes "If you are an experienced Dungeon Master then you are sure to know there are times when this task is so daunting that you wonder why you didn't stick with a safe hobby like stamp collecting." I remember the first edition DMG asking the eternal question "Is DMing a science or an art?" (the answer is, of course, both). But it also noted, above all, it's a labor of love. I love DMing much more than playing. There's nearly no better feeling to me than after the table is cleared of players following a successful, memorable, well-played gaming session. To me it's a source of pride and accomplishment.


Iíve also been a freelance writer and d20 mechanics editor for many successful game companies. I am also the webmaster of DMís Haven.My full d20 credits are listed below.

Joe Bakter drew this.The Cars

d20 Design Credits


d20 mechanics advice and playtesting work:

Seas of Blood: Mongoose Publishing

Ships of the...(series of books): Mongoose Publishing

Quintessential Fighter (plus additional writing): Mongoose Publishing

Wild Sorcery: Mongoose Publishing

Battle Magic: Mongoose Publishing


Playtesting group coordinator:

Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Hardcover: Wizards of the Coast

Oriental Adventures Hardcover: Wizards of the Coast

Heart of Nightfang Spire module: Wizards of the Coast

Forge of Fury module: Wizards of the Coast

Occult Lore hardcover: Atlas Games


d20 mechanics and design advice:

Gods: Alderac Entertainment Group


Contributing author and d20 mechanics editing and proofing:

Mercenaries: Alderac Entertainment Group

Magic: Alderac Entertainment Group

Warlords of the Accordlands RPG: Alderac Entertainment Group

Worldís Largest Dungeon: Alderac Entertainment Group


Editor and d20 mechanics technician:

Librum Equitis Volume 1: Mystic Eye Games

The Canting Crew hardcover: Troll Lord Games

Dark Druids adventure: Troll Lord Games

Heart of Glass adventure: Troll Lord Games

St. Anton's Fire: Troll Lord Games

The Hermit adventure: Troll Lord Games

Wild Spellcraft: Mystic Eye Games & Natural 20 Press


Project lead, lead writer and d20 mechanics technician:

Toolbox: Alderac Entertainment Group (winner of 2003 Silver ENnie)

Cities & Settlements: Troll Lord Games

Feats: Alderac Entertainment Group

Guilds: Alderac Entertainment Group

Secrets: Alderac Entertainment Group

Adventure I and II: Alderac Entertainment Group

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